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Discover the Original Bali Steel Pan:

Last model since july 2016: This Instrument is a new voice in the steel pan family. It is made to play with your hands, on the lap. It is constructed from tempered steel. These hand pans are completely shaped by hand on the island of Bali, Indonesia. We have been working lots on improving the sound of the highest notes. Tuning a major 3rd into them witch makes the octave come out more strongly as well. This also improves the sound of the lower notes because of sympathetic resonance. So now when you hit a lower note the sound is much fuller because you are hearing 6 tuned harmonics. This is the effort of three people; steel pan builders, I Ketut Suda, I Neghah Resna and instrument builder Chris Andersen.

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Caracteristics: Weight: 4,2kg / Height: 23cm / Diameter: 58cm

How it works?

Bali Steel Pan includes eight notes: A note in the middle and seven notes spread in a circle. 7 notes are distributed to play the range alternating left hand and right hand. With using the whole hand, or just a single tap of the fingers, the possibilities are endless. With the underside of the instrument you can play like the udu sounds.

We are not selling any of our instruments on Amazon or Ebay. We work exclusivly with the original Maker Chris Andersen

What is the difference with the old model?

Each instrument is still completely shaped by hand. Every piece is unique and the colors will vary due to the heat treatment.
  • News 2018: all of the top notes have a oval double dent
  • Much more common size About 23 inches wide
  • New metal hardening process
  • Thicker metal
  • Oval dimples: improvement of the dent shape for all the notes
  • More sustain and stronger harmonics

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- Each Hand Pan is unique and have a serial number
- We ship worldwide, Handpan shipped with private carrier like UPS or Chronopost
- Each item is carefully packaged and sent in a secure and reinforced wooden box
- Choose among our accessories (stand, gloves...)
- All the scales are available in 2 months


Our Price: We have waited a few months now to react hoping that the EUR/USD situation would get better but the exchange rate clearly has settled at a very low position and forces us to raise the prices of the Bali Steel Pan. For all the European countries the cost of imported instruments (taxes, customs charges ...) are already included in the sale price of the instruments. Then you know exactly the amount of your order, unlike from a direct purchase.