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Website: BSP-Percussion is part of Didgeridoo Passion, official BaliSteelPan reseller. After more than 6 years of marketing, we are fortunate to have priority on the production in Bali. My name is Grégory ZWINGELSTEIN. After many years of anticipation and research I decided to establish the Didgeridoo Passion website in 2006. The website is dedicated to the Aboriginal Australian instrument the didgeridoo and art made principally in the north of Australia. The website is more than a commercial website it is above all a resource centre for the general understanding, teaching and playing of the didgeridoo and Yidaki but it also serves as a tool to facilitate a better appreciation and understanding of traditional Aboriginal cultures exclusively from the north of Australia.

My overall objective is to provide my customers with products of the highest quality bought and sold equitably with all respect for the unique style and quality of the products.

The didgeridoo is my passion. I appreciate all that encompasses the didgeridoo and the yidaki, which is a traditional musical instrument belonging to the Yolgnu people situated in the north of Australia. Along with the didgeridoo and yidaki, I also respect the profound Yolgnu traditions and culture.I achieved one of my greatest dreams when I opened the Didgeridoo Passion boutique on the 25th of November 2008. I extend a warm and heart felt welcome to all to visit the boutique to play the instruments and appreciate the art that adorns the walls

Didgeridoo Passion is located in a little town:

8 rue de la Chapelle 43320 LOUDES / Auvergne, France
The store is open by "RDV" only! contact us.